10 Most Popular Spirits in Cocktails

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One thing we love to do when out drinking, is watch the brands that bartenders use in cocktails. It usually sets the tone for the type of bar they are, and more importantly, it influences your future purchases for what you’ll drink at the bar or at home. We like to think we’ve got a good idea of what the most popular brands are, but while surfing the web, we found this awesome info-graphic (courtesy of that gives you a great visual representation of the statistics.

If you had to guess the top brands without looking down below what would you have said? (no cheating!) Bacardi, Smirnoff, and Jose are captain obvious’s choices. Take a look for yourself and see how your answers compare. In addition, it even breaks down the most popular mixers used to make cocktails too. Check it out, and see if it matches to what you see when you’re out there.

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So how did your answers stack up? Now try and see if your buddies/girls can name them.

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