Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream Review

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Spring is in full effect, and although we might be stuck inside, mentally we’re in the Florida Keys this week sipping on one of the smoothest rum creams we’ve had so far. This week we’re reviewing Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Rum Cream.  Now if you aren’t familiar with Blue Chair Bay, it’s the ultimate beach lovers lifestyle rum brand. It’s inspired by the island lifestyle of platinum artist, Kenny Chesney, and comes in a wide variety of paradise inspired flavors including: Spiced, White, Coconut, and several tasty rum creams including the one we’re sampling today.


 This is about as easy a sipper as it gets.  The rich key lime flavors really mix well with the caribbean rum and they even managed to mix in a bit of graham cracker aftertaste in the bottle.  Sweet but not overly sugary, smooth with 15% alcohol abv, and best of all its only 93 calories per 1.5 oz shot.


Creamy and opaque white.


Bright, fresh, citrus aromas.


Fresh, tart key lime notes balanced with a creamy meringue sweetness. Hints of cinnamon, almond, and amaretto. Rich graham cracker crust finish.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth noting that unlike a lot of other brands, Kenny Chesney fully owns Blue Chair as it not just a brand ambassador. He picked a winner here and we’ll be sure to keep this in the cabinet for “beach days”. For more information on Blue Chair Bay Rum or their Key Lime Rum Cream, visit their website at  – Cheers!

Alex is a full time consultant with 10+ years experience in the wine & spirits + consumer packaged goods industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.

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