Coming Soon: P.Diddy Announces New Ciroc Pineapple

Ciroc Pineapple
Photo Courtesy of Ciroc

Just a few days ago, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs announced the release of Ciroc Pineapple, the newest flavor to the brand. The flavored vodka craze has definitely seen a slow down in 2014 both in releases and sales, but that doesn’t mean that releasing the right flavor with good marketing  and a quality product can’t still be a huge success. Ciroc is a perfect example. Combs has made a fortune with his marketing of Ciroc vodka as their Brand Ambassador, and while other brands are spending time pushing flavors that provide mostly shock value, Ciroc and Diddy are going for flavors that make perfect sense for their audience: the night life crowd, and the vacationer. From Vegas lounges to your local socialite bar and hangouts, Ciroc is everywhere. When you use to think of late night plush ultra lounges, Grey Goose & Belvedere owned the vodka crowd, but this other French Vodka distilled from grapes has quietly become the drink of choice with mass appeal flavors like coconut, red berry, peach, and their last release, Amaretto.  My guess is pineapple will be their most anticipated release since the initial two.

With it already being dubbed “tropical luxury” I can already imagine the tropical drinks being added to bar and restaurant menus around the world both high end and not. Ciroc peach makes a mean Bellini, now imagine a morning mimosa with ciroc pinapple added. Whether you’re on vacation or out with friends, this one is probably going to be a great choice.

We’ve already got over a dozen “When does Ciroc Pineapple come out” emails while we were out of town,  so we did some digging. The actual release date is still a bit  of a mystery, but reps from the brand told me it will be available later this Summer, my guess being early to mid August. For information on where to find Ciroc Pineapple you can keep checking back with us, checking with your local liquor store, or visit them at We’ll be doing a full review as well as share a few recipes as soon as we get out hands on a bottle.



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