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    1. Avatar

      I saw your report on Last Round hangover prevention drink. I used it and it worked great. Did you guys ever test out others? There’s one called No Hang, and there are others. Just wondering if you guys had reports on others for comparison. Thanks!

      • Avatar
        Intoxicology 101 Reply

        We have yet to try any of it’s competitors but are planning on giving 2-3 a try in the next coming weeks

    2. Avatar

      Hey! I came across your site by accident, and man, I must say what a great find! Not only do I find your site to be VERY informative but also esthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

      I will be trying out several of the cocktails you have shared as I am always looking for something new to try.

      Thanks for putting the time and the passion into this I will be sure to share this great gem of a site with my friends who like to imbibe 🙂

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