Do you really try/drink every spirit/cocktail you write about?

Yes and No…more of a sort of. Every spirit you see reviewed here we have tasted, usually more than once. We are very passionate about mixology so knowing what the spirits we recommend (or don’t recommend) taste like is a MUST. In most cases we taste and taste until the bottle is empty. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. The “sort of” part we mentioned earlier comes in play with the cocktails. 75 percent of the cocktails you see here we have either tried at an event/bar or made ourselves in our home bar. The “other” 25% consists of sponsored posts that we feature for brands usually related to specific occasions like holiday event themed recipes  Everything we haven’t tried however gets put onto our waiting list however, so don’t worry we’ll get there.

Is Intoxicology.com your full time job?

The key to life is learning how to find something you love, and are passionate about, and then figuring out how to make a living doing it. Tasting and writing about alcohol is more of a hobby we are passionate about that we’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from financially. In addition to owning and operating 101, Alex is a contributor at DrinkofTheWeek.com and Liquor.com while Lorianne is a contributor at GirlsGuideTo.com.  We both maintain full time jobs in addition to our commitments to the cocktail culture. Alex works as a business consultant while Lori works for a pretty cool startup in the financial investment industry.

Do you do your own Photography for Intoxicology / What Type of Camera do you Own

Previous to  December 2013, we used a combination of contributed photos from brands/photographers/PR firms with their consent for photos of cocktails and bottles shots in addition to the shots we took using an outdated Sony Point and shoot. As of December 2013, we made the jump to DSLR with a Canon Rebel T3i. We currently take all photos for our Spirit Reviews with it using it’s stock 8-55mm lens, and still use/receive professional photos for our featured cocktail recipe write-ups via beverage brands. We’re in the market for a new lens, and a few fun accessories (lightbox, tripod) to upgrade our shots and will keep you updated as we graduate through accessories.  Photos are taken in natural light in our home or at the lake behind our home (great backgrounds!).

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us. We do receive quite a bit of mail from fans, beverage brands, and companies interested in working with us however we still try our best to respond to every email/comment left for us.  


  1. latanya r. Reply

    when is the speakeasy cocktail festival in Atlanta. for 2019. will it be Labor Day weekend?

    • Unfortunately it looks as though this festival is no longer an annual event and is postponed/shutdown until further notice. One of our favorite festivals, Tales of the Cocktail is not too far away, in New Orleans and celebrated every July!


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