Evan Williams Launching “Cinnamon Reserve”

…..Hot off the successful launches of their Honey and Cherry reserve flavors in 2009 and 2010, Heaven Hill Distilleries plans to continue the trend in 2012 by adding a Cinnamon flavor to the family. The newest addition will look to bring together it’s popular extra-aged bourbon with natural flavors of hot cinnamon similarly to its other flavored bourbon offerings. Like it’s previous releases, it will be bottled at 70 proof and will be made available in750ml and 50ml sizes. It begins shipping in February and will go for around 14.99 a bottle.

……………“The launch of Evan Williams Honey and Cherry Reserve has exceeded our expectations”. “Given the strength of the Evan Williams brand franchise and the proven success of the flavored Bourbon sub-category, we believe it is the perfect time in which to launch Evan Williams Cinnamon Reserve.Assistant Brand Manager Hannah Venhoff

…..Flavored bourbons have become all the rage these days  with similar offerings from Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels whose Honey flavored bourbons have been a huge success. I guess it was only a matter of time before the liquor gods found their way to infusing flavors into bourbon. With such a huge growth in flavored spirits and with Vodka/Rum  infusions getting a bit ridiculous (Salmon? Bacon? Marshmallow? ), it was only a matter of time before Bourbon saw its 15 minutes of fame. Depending on who you ask, flavored bourbons are either genius or blasphemy. I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves. We’ll be anxiously awaiting our bottle here at 101 to give this one a try.

For more information on Evan Williams Cinnamon be sure to visit www.HeavenHill.com. Cheers


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