7 Great Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

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Want to get dad something he REALLY wants this year?

AgeBarrelFathers Day gift ideas are always a little tough. How do you continue to show him your appreciation year after year? For some of us, a gift card to home depot, or buying him a pair of slippers with his favorite sports team on it is enough. You want to know what this Dad loves? Drinking, and things that have to do with drinking. I’ll be blunt, I tell me family this right away so they don’t even have to waste time and money on things that will just go to the bottom of my closet. Not everyone out there has it that easy, so I put together a list of some awesome gifts that (almost) any dad would love to receive this Fathers Day.

1.Caskers Club Membership: Buy dad a bottle, and he’ll be happy for a few days, buy dad a monthly liquor club membership and he’ll be happy for life. Monthly club subscription services are a big hit these days. You sign up, pay a flat monthly (or quarterly) fee, and get a select number of products delivered to your door every month. Wine companies have been using this for years to their advantage, and most recently cigar and high fashion clothing brands are getting in on it. is one of our favorite websites offering a liquor of the month club, because they feature rare and unique craft spirits at affordable prices. They offer a Whiskey Club, Vodka Club, and Select Club (mixed spirits) with four different price level subscriptions within each club to fit several budgets.

2. 13 Piece Professional Bar Set – This one’s a no brainer, and pretty inexpensive. If Dad likes to drink or entertain, he needs a good set of bar tools. My biggest mistake early on in getting into mixology was not having the proper tools, always trying to half ass it with just a basic mixer and a jigger. I purchased this set recently and I love it, and it didn’t kill my pockets.

3. Keter Rattan Cool Patio Bar – We LOVE this patio bar. It’s a cooler and cocktail table all in one. It’s pretty easy to move around in case you need to store it or travel with it, and it’s got a super easy drain plug to make for an easy cleanup. Our friends are always commenting on how cool it is and asking where we got it. Buy this for dad, but there’s a good chance the whole family will love it.

4. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit – A few years back, when craft brewing exploded, Make your own Beer kits started popping up everywhere. But what if dad’s more of a whiskey guy like me? Simple, get him an age your own whiskey kit. Much like when you got a new toy as a child, this is probably gonna keep dad occupied for hours every night. He can Have fun, experiment, and show off to his buddies. We haven’t made this purchase yet, but it’s got great reviews from customers and it’s next on our wish list.

5. Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert – If dad’s a reader or a Canadian whisky fan, or both, we HIGHLY recommend this book we received last year from Davin de Kergommeaux. I’ll admit, i’m not a huge book reader. But last year when i received this in the mail I couldn’t put it down.  He takes us through the rich history of Canadian Whisky including how its made, who makes it, why it tastes the way it does, and tons more interesting facts. In a world where everyone seems to be a bourbon or scotch expert, it’s a breath of fresh air learning about the topic spirit from our friends to the north.

6. King’s County Whiskey Gift Set – This is an awesome whiskey gift set from our friends at It included a nice sampler of Corn Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, and Chocolate Whiskey in a decorative box that makes it an awesome purchase.

7. Maker’s Mark Signature Coasters – This was one of my favorite additions to my home bar, and they were pretty cheap. for less than $15 you get a set of two coasters with that famously awesome wax stamp logo Makers Mark is known for. If dad is a Makers fan, this would be a simple gift idea he’ll love.

If none of these do it for you, check out some awesome Fathers Day Gift Guides from around the web for the drinker and the none drinker. – Top 25 Gift Ideas For Fathers Day – 9 Great Fathers Day Gifts – 36 Fathers Day Gift Ideas


 Disclaimer: I have not been paid to advertise any of these products, and I personally own these products unless otherwise stated. I will however earn a small commission from the future purchase of any of these products from any of my readers, so we would appreciate if you decide any of these are right for you, that you click our link. Thanks!




Alex is a full time Consultant with10+ years experience in the Wine & Spirits, Consumer Goods, and Retail industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified. When not writing for Intoxicology, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or at a local bar.

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