A Guide to Halloween Drinking For Adults

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Happy October everyone. Hopefully by now you’re enjoying some of that cool Fall weather that’s rolling in. I’m catching a break myself, glad to finally get away from all those 90+ degree days we get here in the Sunshine State. Halloween is few days away, and it’s probably my 3rd favorite holiday behind Christmas and Turkey Day. Whether you’re a kid, or an adult there’s a little something for everyone to do. We’re obviously focusing on the adult side of things here but as a kid Halloween is all about cool costumes, and getting chocolate wasted with tons of candy your parents won’t ever let you eat any other day of the year. As an adult, we’re a bit too old to be dressing up like cartoon & fairytale characters but we’re never too old to throw on a slutty nurse or Devil outfits, and wear over the top male humor costumes. And while our love for chocolate probably isn’t what it use to be, we (most of us) LOVE booze and regrettable late night scenarios.

So, that being said I decided rather than just share a Halloween cocktail or two (don’t worry we’ll have those too), why not share all the fun ideas we’ve done, seen, or heard of for adults on Halloween. Are you headed to a Halloween party with friends? Maybe you’re hosting a party yourself. Halloween Bar crawls are always an awesome idea too, and then again maybe you’re just gonna sit this one out at home but still want some fun ideas to try alone. Check out our quick guide to Halloween drinking.

Make a Halloween Pumpkin Keg – If you’re hosting Halloween this year, impress your friends with these cool ideas. Taking a simple pumpkin, carving it, and adding a spigot and BOOM, you’ve got a pumpkin Keg that will help add your party to the legendary status for years to come.

Pumpkin Keg

Scary Liquor Brands If you’re hosting a party and want to go with a heavy Halloween theme, we picked out some liquor brands that are scary year round like and perfect for this time of year. Unique bottles, colors, and tastes make these 5 spirits a nice buy.

Crystal Head vodka
Image Courtesy of Crystal Head Vodka

Halloween Drinking Games – The only thing more fun than drinking on Halloween, is drinking and playing games that are sure to leave some long-lasting memories (and possibly regrettable photos/videos). Remember, what happens on Halloween stays on Halloween. Check out these popular games below.

Get Scary Drunk on Halloween – Speaking of drinking games, you’re going to need some booze and cocktail suggestions. You can’t go wrong here, 21 freakishly scary Halloween themed cocktails courtesy of Buzz feed. There’s something for everyone.

21 Halloween cocktails
Image courtesy of

Theme Park it: This one’s a bit limited. Living in Orlando I’ve got Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios, and Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens I can attend. But I grew up in the midwest and remember many Halloween trips to Six Flags and boy was it fun. So if you aren’t in Florida, California, or living near a theme park like Six Flags you’re out of luck with this one but if you are, bring in a small flask or a few minis and prepare to be scared. P.S. – The same idea can be used for your local haunted houses.

Image Courtesy of

Go to the Movies: There’s always a slasher film coming out this time of year, and sometimes even special releases of classic movies at select theaters. And although I don’t usually condone public drunkenness outside the city of New Orleans any other time of year, Halloween a little buzzed at the movies can be scary fun. If you can’t handle your liquor you might want to do this one sober, no one wants to watch a movie around over the top obnoxious guy/girl. That’s a quick way to end up in jail.


Don’t Drink: If you’re not a drinker, then I’d have to first ask why you’re here. But not to leave anyone out, we found this list of 10 Cool things to do this Halloween BESIDES get wasted courtesy of College Candy. You’re welcome.

If all else fails there are always tons of Halloween Bar Crawls going on. Hope this helps, cheers!

Main Photo courtesy of TheBuzz




Alex is a full time consultant with 10+ years experience in the wine & spirits + consumer packaged goods industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.

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