Not Your Grandmas Rosé [Infographic]

rose infographicIt’s wine Wednesday so we decided to take a break from our usual booze love and talk about a little Jesus juice.  Specifically, we’re talking Rosé wine and all of its offspring, cousins, and distant relatives. Is it more or is the Rosé category getting uber crowded? I remember when there were just a few hundred wines/champagnes to choose from and now it’s like everybody is slapping the title on their product. Shameless plug though, I’m a fan of Angry Orchards Rosé apple cider but I’ll leave it at that…Anyway, we were passed this awesome infographic from Sonoma-Cutrer that helps break down Rosé and will help turn your into a semi-expert, well maybe not, but you can at least impress your friends. Check it out and we’ll quiz you later.

Rose Infrographic


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