Pama Pomegranate Liqueur Review

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homepage-bottleIf you’re still searching for that last minute Christmas gift, don’t forget Liquor is always a good choice. Maybe even a stocking stuffer? If you’re looking for ideas for either of these dilemmas or even planning to attend a holiday party in the next couple weeks, today’s product review might be the perfect option. It’s sweet, festive in color, and completely versatile; We’re talking about Pama Pomegranate liqueur.  We’re in the thick of Pomegranate season and if you’re into seasonal drinking like we are, you’ll want to add this to your liquor cabinet.

pAMA_101First Impression: “Pomegranate Perfected – Pama is the original pomegranate liqueur. Made with all natural pomegranate juice, Pama perfectly captures the fruit’s complex sweet, yet tart, taste and seductively ruby color. Highly mixable, Pama transforms an ordinary martini margarita  or champagne cocktail into a refreshingly unique taste experience. Best Chilled, Pama is also perfect on the rocks.

There it is, straight from the source, written on the bottle to give you a glimpse of exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It’s not uncommon for companies to write an introductory description on the bottle, but that’s practically poetry on a bottle. Pama comes in a beautifully sleek, tall bottle with its logo featured prominently in the top hovering over a appropriately added pomegranate tree. The bottle itself is crystal clear allowing the rich crimson red color of Pama to call your name from the shelf. In our initial attempt to open it,  we spilled a bit on the counter (yes we’ve been drinking) and discovered that like many liqueurs, it’s pretty darn sticky. From the spillage on the counter, we get a heavy dose of it’s rich berry aroma already filling up the room. Passes the nose test with flying colors.

The Taste: We finally managed to get some of this in a glass and sip it both chilled and at room temperature. Whoa… It would be a lie if I said it weren’t sweet, it is, but how quickly the sense of sweet is captured by the tart after is pretty amazing. It’s perfectly balanced, and has just enough of a bite in it to remind you it’s still not safe for the little one. Sipped warm you’ll notice more of the details in the aroma and taste, the berry, the vanilla, the tequila. Try it chilled and it’s a bit more crisp and refreshing like biting into a fresh ripened fruit. There isn’t much NOT to love here. One of my favorite things about Pama is it’s versatility. You can add this to almost any classic cocktail (try a margarita, mojito, or cosmo) or you can sip it all by itself and it gets the job done. If you were once a slave to the mixer known as grenadine, you’ll probably want to consider swapping this as an alternative. Grenadine,  originated from the french word grenade which means pomegranate however in most liquor stores what you’ll find labeled “grenadine” is nothing more then cherry syrup or sugar and corn syrup. Try switching it with Pama, and see what a more authentic tropical drink is suppose to taste like.

Price: 21.99 (750/ML)

Grade: A

Overall: This one had us at hello. From it’s beautiful packaging, to its senses-exciting aroma, to the rich and balanced flavor, Pama is a winner. If you’re deciding on gifts this Christmas, you could do much MUCH worse. At 34 proof, it’s like drinking wine with an edge. If you’re into mixing drinks, it’s the perfect one-size-fits-all liqueur because it’s versatility makes it work well with almost any spirit. By checking out their website you can see exactly what types of recipes you can discover with Pama, so I would suggest stopping by there as well. Stay tuned for later in the week when we feature some Pama cocktail recipes to share this Christmas.

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Pama sample provided courtesy of representatives of the brand. For more information on Pama including recipes and where to purchase it, visit

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