Pinnacle Whipped & Cotton Candy Vodka Review

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Pinnacle Cotton CandyThe French vodka competition keeps heating up. Grey Goose and Ciiroc have a dedicated following, but Pinnacle is becoming the brand of choice at bars with a younger crowd.

It’s cheap, so that helps, and they’re launching crazy flavored vodkas quicker than a Kardashian wedding. If the name draws a blank, just think of Three Olives Vodka, the guys that make froot loop vodka. White Rock Distillers were the “mad scientists” behind Three Olives, and more importantly their innovative collection of flavors starting with Cherry and Grape that put the brand on the map. After selling Three Olives to Proximo Inc in 2007, they launched the hot new French vodka, Pinnacle, and with it an ever growing innovative list of flavors. Their current portfolio includes wild flavors such as: Root Beer, Butterscotch, Fruit Punch and Cherry Lemonade. Their latest in release are “Cotton Candy” and “Whipped”, both of which I had the opportunity to sample this past weekend at a local tasting. The distillers in this case obviously realized that with todays drinking crowd, the ability create new and exciting cocktails that “wow” your mouth is what drives the business. With a line of crazy flavored vodkas like no other, they have insured that they will be in heavy rotation by bartenders around the world. Below are my reviews of each of their latest additions as well as a few cocktail ideas for you to try.

Pinnacle Cotton Candy: First thing you notice is the distillers ability to recreate the exact aroma of cotton candy. The base vodka has a very smooth finish with a clean smell probably aiding to the ability to capture the cotton candy aroma so easily. Those with a distaste for sweet in their beverages need not continue, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth like myself, this ones for you.  The initial taste is very smooth and very sweet, leaving very little after taste and absolutely no burn. After initial sampling, I tried mixing with with a few different products but noticed it’s best mix for the moment is the basics, club soda, or a lemon lime based beverage.

Pinnacle Whipped: All I can say is wow. I immediately thought I was about to bite into a piece of whipped cream topped pie. It’s taste offers so many opportunities for desert based cocktails that my mind is already spinning. Much like the previously mentioned, it too is very much on the sweet side. However, because of the uniqueness of the flavor, it leaves an interesting after taste much like you would expect for a dairy based product that the vodka is trying to recreate.

Pinnacle Whipped & Cotton CandyThe Best thing about Pinnacle, in its base vodka, is that it has the ultimate drink-ability characteristics. Smooth taste, clean finish, little to no smell. It virtually disappears in a mixed drink and those are the driving forces behind the companies ability to create flavors that make you forget it’s “just” vodka. At a price of around 12.99/750 and 18.99/1.75 liter, this one is definitely worth your time. Below are a few fun and easy recipes for you to try at home.

Cotton Candy Carousel:
2 oz Pinnacle Cotton Candy
1 Oz Coconut Rum
3 oz Club Soda
Splash of Grenadine

Mix in a glass filled with ice, add a cherry/lime garnish.

Cherry Cream Pie:
1 oz Pinnacle Whipped
1 oz Cherry Schnapps
4 oz. Energy Drink

2 oz Pinnacle Whipped
4 oz Lemon Lime Soda

Tilt-A-Whirl (Shooter)

1 1/2 oz Pinnacle Cotton Candy
Splash of Grenadine
Splash of Blue Curacao

Samples were provided courtesy of Pinnacle representatives. For more information on Pinnacle flavors and recipes visit .

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Alex is a full time consultant with 10+ years experience in the wine & spirits + consumer packaged goods industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.


  1. Avatar

    How do I get promotion flyers or table tents to advertise the Pinnacle whipped vodka?

    • Avatar

      You’ll want to get with your distributor and I’m assuming you work for or own an establishment that has alcohol so you should have an account representative. If not then head to any alcohol package store and ask a manager.

    • Avatar

      I Don’t know, but i’m trying to find out…Really Enjoy the stuff… So if I find out i’ll let ya know, if you do the same… DEAL…?

  2. Avatar

    Hello. Ive been wanting to try the Cotton Candy Vodka, bu+ i can’t find it anywhere. Ive asked the liquor store 2 get it, but they wont! Where can i get some?

    • Avatar

      All depends on where you’re located… If your retailers do not carry it then surely a bar should. If you still have no luck feel free to visit and visit their contact page to help you locate it

  3. Avatar
    Caroline Foote Reply

    Cotton Candy is in stock at the NH state lic store in Belmont NH

  4. Avatar

    Mix 2 parts orange Juice & 1 part Pinnacle Whipped over ice to make a Dreamsicle a.k.a. Orangesicle!!! YummY!!

  5. Avatar

    I just picked up a bottle of the whipped cream Pinnacle in Portland, OR. Blended it as a frozen drink with a few canned peaches, half a lemon, and ice. So good! Would make a great drink at a 50’s or 60’s themed party with pineapple and nutmeg, cherries, etc. Had a cow when I saw it’s from my hometown of Lewiston!

  6. Avatar
    Wheelchairman Reply

    We just bought a bottle of the cotton candy. What would be good to mix it with? Oh and by the way… it does have a burn to it.

    • Avatar

      It mixes well with pineapple juice. 2 Oz of Vodka, 1 oz Pineapple. Also try filling a glass with 2 oz of Cotton candy, then 4 oz of Club soda, and finally topping it off with a splash of Cranberry juice to taste.

      • Avatar
        Wheelchairman Reply

        I cant drink pineapple juice or cranberry juice, do you have any other recommendations for the cotton candy vodka?

        • Avatar

          There’s always Club Soda, and Lemon-Lime sodas as well. Do you not like the flavor of cranberry or can not have the juice? I ask because most grocers sell cranberry flavored sparkling water that works well also.

        • Avatar

          Pour it over cotton candy. It adds a little sweeter taste to it. The cotton candy dissovles too! Amazing!!!

          • Avatar

            Mixing the Cotton Candy Vodka with any flavor of crystal light is delicious.

  7. Avatar

    Try this-
    cotton candy
    pinapple juice
    pomegranite juice.

    Had at party this weekend! Yum. sorry unsure of the mix amounts..

  8. Avatar

    I just had my local store order me a bottle of the Cotton Candy ~ I had seen the whipped but really wanted to try teh Cotton Candy ~ I haven’t tried it yet but can wait to crack the bottle open tonight ~ Also, I would like to try the Tropical Punch ~

  9. Avatar

    try the whipped vodka with ginger ale, tastes like a cream soda. im working on a few other ones.

  10. Avatar
    Wheelchairman Reply

    I tried the Cotton Candy Vodka with Sprite & I’m telling you THAT IS AWSOME, GREAT & WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Avatar

    I looooooooooove the Whipped Cream!! Seriously people, just pour it over ice and drink it on the rocks….it’s so smooth and has a very good after taste!! It gets 5 thumbs up from me!!!! <3 <3 <3 Oh and the Cotton Candy has a serious burn to it when drinking it straight. It is only good when you mix it with something.

  15. Avatar
    terrance agen Reply

    i love top end vodka but the price is right taste is good got bigger bottles….

  16. Avatar

    Loved the Whipped vodka,,,had it with Orange Crush soda (creamsicle)….Lemonade ( lemon pie)…and limeade ( like keylime pie)…all were yummy…can’t wait to try out the cotton candy 🙂

  17. Avatar

    I used Pinnacle “Whipped” in jello shots over the weekend and everyone said they were the best! They were delicious:-) I also used Pinnacle “Cotton Candy” in some of them, but it was a bit sweet, but still good! I will never use plain old vodka again!

    • Avatar

      what kind of jello did you mix the cotton candy flavored vodka with?? I love to make jello shots but can’t figure out what flavor works with this??

  18. Avatar

    whipped vodka with a cup of ice 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream a tablespoon of vanilla flavoring put into blender makes a pretty sexy drink

  19. Avatar

    2 oz Pinnacle whipped, 2 oz Absolut mandarin, 1 oz club soda = EXACT orange creamsicle (martini).

  20. Avatar

    loved pinnacle citrus. it was so smooth and tasteful. my store
    owner told me they have discontinued this flavor. just when i discovered this outstanding flavored vodka.
    any chance they could bring this back to new jersey?

  21. Avatar

    got the pinnacle cotton candy at my local store in lakeland…AMAZING…but does, to me have a lil bit of burn so i mix it with a shot of water

  22. Avatar

    Okay I have gone threw all of the reviews and while yes the flavor is good and it taste just like cotton candy. plus my boyfriend said I smelt like cotton candy instead of the usual alcohol breath.

    But this may sound crazy- this drink gave me the giggles non stop! I almost peed in my pants and my boyfriend couldn’t believe it. but I never really laugh so i thought how is this possible? and for sure it is the cotton candy vodka! omg I know i am not crazy!!! let me know if it gives you the giggles too!

    cotton candy lover : ) heeheeeee

  23. Avatar

    The whipped cream is so good! My husband is on a liqour store run right now! I love it on ice with orange juice and a little half & half. Didn’t love it with Coke. I’m going to try it with root beer next.

  24. Avatar

    now comes cake and gummy flavors(red fish)…great for gummy bears!!be sure to let the gummies get hard (stale)and let them soak three days in the vodka!!gummy worms work as well but swell more than bears.experiment!!

  25. Avatar

    Does anyone has recipes for Pinnacle Gummy Vodka. Other than 7up I cannot find one that goes well with this kind. Its one of my favorites but sometimes it seems very very sweet with the 7up. I would love some if you have them!!

  26. Avatar

    Whipped Cream and cranberry juice tastes just like cherry cheesecake!!! YUM YUM YUM

  27. Avatar

    Whipped vodka and root beer. We call it vootbeer, and it taste just like an ice cream float. I would imagine some vanilla ice cream in your vootbeer would make a nice summer cool off!

  28. Avatar
    damonmarkus Reply

    the whipped cream vodka works really well in a white russian. my wife and i love them.

  29. Avatar

    If you like white russians try substituting your regular vodka with either the whipped vodka or cotton candy vodka YUMMY!!
    The cotton candy vodka makes it taste like Nestle strawberry milk!!

  30. Avatar

    Birthday shots:
    whipped vodka
    chocolate whipped cream
    marachino cherry

    • Avatar
      Intoxicology 101 Reply

      Try this…

      1 oz. Pinnacle Tropical Punch
      Flavored Vodka
      ½ oz. cranberry juice
      ½ oz. sour mix

  31. Avatar

    #1 drink in Molalla Oregon

    Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, Amaretto, Pineapple, grenadine..
    shake, serve.. martini or double shot.

    made by yours truly =)

  32. Avatar

    Try this on top of your Pinnacle Shot!!

    Alcohol-infused whipped cream!

    Whipsy is whipped cream, in a can infused with a light tasting citrus wine. Whipsy is 27 Proof and comes in 3 gourmet flavors:
    Ooh La La Original, Loco Cocoa and Hazey Hazelnut.

    • Avatar
      Intoxicology 101 Reply

      Sounds interesting? Is this available in FL yet? We’d love to give our opinion!

  33. Avatar

    Ok right now it is on sale for 10 bucks a bottle so I just had to get cookie dough so if you know of a good recipe let me know!!! YUMMY

  34. Avatar

    About a month ago at a party, a friend of mine fixed me a drink…it was cotton candy vodka and diet cherry 7up!! I loved it, it’s now one of my favorite drinks and if that is too sweet for you try adding a splash of ginger ale to it. I like it both ways.

  35. Avatar

    Just had whipped cream vodka with all the flavours of Crush soda!! OMG! All taste every wonder and taste like creamsicles! 😀

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  37. Avatar

    A local bar of mine serves up this AMAZING drink.. I can drink 10 before I even realize, they are that good. I’m going to tell y’all what is in it, and ask that you give it a shot, and also if anyone knows the name of it please let me know… A woman at the bar just calls it by her name. I don’t know the amounts but I know its a little bit of the two liquors, filled up with the pineapple, and topped off with the Soft Drink! Served over ice in usually a 16oz plastic cup!!

    -Cotton Candy Vodka
    -Whipped Cream Vodka
    -Pineapple Juice
    -Splash of Sprite

    • Avatar

      It goes great with flavored schnapps, grenadine, liqueurs such as Blue Curacao, and even fruit juices like pineapple

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