Sauza Sparkling Margarita Review

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Sauza is the #2 selling premium tequila in the world, so it’s a pretty big deal when they announce a new product, and an even bigger deal when it’s something unheard of like a sparkling margarita. We were sent a bottle of Sauza Sparkling Watermelon Margarita from representatives of the brand, one of four flavors in the lineup, and wanted to try it in time for the Holiday weekend coming up. Pre made cocktails were HUGE before the millennium with brands like Bartles & James, Seagrams, and ready-to-drink versions of Rum & Coke were everywhere. Then, the world got a bit snobby. I’ll admit, I am and was one of those snobs. I prefer my drinks made with the freshest of fruits and ingredients, just as I prefer my food. But, the fact is, ready-to-drink cocktails serve a purpose, and are still pretty big in the industry, just ask Bethenny Frankel and her SkinnyGirl line of pre made margaritas.

First Impression: Nothing fancy with the bottle, but then again, there usually never are in the ready-to-drink world. The liquor itself has a nice pink color, and has a sweet aroma, that screams lime, tequila, and watermelon.

The Taste: Ok, so the two biggest gripes people have with pre-made drinks are that they don’t taste authentic (due to a lack of fresh ingredients and the use or preservatives and artificial sweeteners) and that they aren’t strong enough. Almost anyone I know believes one of these two theories, and even I was usually caught buying pre-made margaritas in college and adding cheap tequila to it. Where does this product fall? Well, at almost 10% alcohol (20 proof), its more than double of most beers, and other well known ready to drink brands like Dailys for example. As far as taste goes I’ve got mixed feelings. I actually like the taste. It tastes like a really good malt beverage. The Carbonation combined with Sauza silver tequila, and watermelon flavors worked really well. In fact, the watermelon flavor tastes more authentic then a lot of so called watermelon “infused” spirits on the market right now. But, if you served this to me and told me it was a Margarita, I might look at you a little funny, but keep on drinking it. It’s the

Final Verdict: Good stuff. It’s refreshing, bubbly, and tasty. But It’s closer to being a malt beverage than a margarita. I guess it’s margarita-ish. But the name of the game is selling stuff that tastes good, and by that standard Sauza hit the mark here. Add to that it’s got enough alcohol in it to give you a nice buzz, but could still be combined with more tequila for drunks like myself. Oh, and we almost forgot the most important part, the price. It’s only about $12.99 a bottle which makes it pretty easily affordable. So we’re gonna go ahead and recommend this to our readers. In fact, Memorial day is right around the corner. If you’re the type that likes to bbq hop, let others do the cooking, and bring a bottle, this would be a perfect grab-and-go, or better yet a great option to take to the beach.

To find out where to buy Sauza Sparkling Margarita, or for more information on the brand, visit their website at A Sample of this product was sent to us courtesy of representatives of the brand.

For those that consider pre-made margaritas blasphemy, we get it, so for some fun tequilas to try in your next margarita, check out this Mexican tequila we reviewed last year from our trip to Mexico, try this unique reposado tequila, made in Austin, Texas we enjoyed. Or for something different, make your margarita a little nutty, with this coconut tequila.



Alex is a full time Consultant with10+ years experience in the Wine & Spirits, Consumer Goods, and Retail industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified. When not writing for Intoxicology, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or at a local bar.

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