The Morning After: Mimosas

Happy New Year everyone, another celebration has come and gone and thankfully fate landed this New Years on a Friday giving many of us the opportunity to have a New Years celebration weekend. For many of us, the party didn’t stop Friday but instead kept rolling right into 2011 on Saturday night. That being said there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s cap off the weekend with a wonderful Sunday morning. Still have some of that delicious champagne corked and left over? Great, if not, you can run to the grocery store, grab a nice inexpensive bottle of bubbly and your favorite brand of Orange Juice and you’re ready to go. For more exotic flavors, try replacing the OJ with your choice of fruit juice. Try one of these this morning and relax while recapping a wonderful year and weekend in review.

Mimosa – Classic

3/4 part Champagne
1/4 part Orange Juice

Passion Fruit Mimosa

3/4 Part Champagne
1/4 part Passion Fruit Juice

Pomegranate Mimosa

3/4 Part Champagne
1/4 part Pomegranate Juice

If you want to get really crazy try mixing multiple fruit juices with your champagne to create some exotic flavors. Some excellent combinations include peach/mango orange/pineapple and pomegranate/cherry. Enjoy !

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