Three Olives Loopy Vodka Review

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Updated 07/05/2014

…..When Loopy Vodka first came out, it was like the wild wild west with flavored vodkas. Every week a new flavor came out, each trying to top the last. Three Olives Loopy Vodka was the brands first big “success” in my opinion when it comes to the crazy flavors. But now in 2014 it’s lost a lot of steam. Do people still want to get buzzed of a bowl of cereal? Drink a slice of cake? Here’s our review for those that still haven’t tried it.

First Impression: One thing I’ve always liked about Three Olives vodka is the simple yet eye catching bottle designs. They take their basic long slim bottle and on the inside create an image that pops right at you. In this case it’s those bright colorful rings that any idiot could see is their attempt to relate this product to the cereal. When you open it up it’s kind of scary how real this one smells. I took a whiff and thought I was at the breakfast table with only 20 minutes left before I have to catch the bus to school.
The Taste:..Three Olives themselves describe Loopy as “A dastardly delicious medley of tropical fruit and imported English vodka”. Delicious is a matter of opinion, but what it does do is perfectly capture the taste of a bowl of froot loop cereal, with a nice buzz of alcohol behind it. You can taste the tropical red berries and get a strong sense of citrus. I found myself wanting to try it with milk, which is of course what the brand suggests. Honestly, I like it, but it’s limited in my opinion to suicide drinks (drinks with tons of ingredients) like punches, shots, or like they suggest, with some milk. That doesn’t make it a bad product, in fact I think it’s a pretty awesome idea they brought to life. We took chilled shots, we mixed it with milk, we tried it with the usual suspect mixers like spite, coke, etc and found that it works best as a shot, or mixed with fruit juices, maybe as a punch.It’s pretty sweet. It’s mimicking the flavor of a children’s cereal that is essentially sugar and oats, so that is expected, but if you don’t like sweet drinks this one might not be fore you. If you weren’t a fan of the cereal you wont like this.
.Price: $17.99/$19.99 – 750 ML
Overall: This one has it’s pros and cons, but overall it’s a pretty cool concept that does make for some interesting drinks, and I would recommend anyone to at least try it at the bar before buying a bottle and see for yourself. We get more emails about this vodka than any other product, and the #1 thing we get asked for in emails are drink recipes. So we’ve pointed out a few below, and linked to some as well.
LoopHole Martini - Intoxicology 101 Original
2 Parts Milk
1 Part Loopy Vodka
1 part Frangelico (Hazelnut liqueur)
Fruit Loops
Take a hand full of Froot loops and crush them into a sugar like substance. Take a Martini glass and rim it with your crushed Froot loops. From their combine all ingredients into a shaker. Shake and strain into your martini glass.  
Loopy Berry Splash
1 part Loopy Vodka
1 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Ginger ale
Mix together all your ingredients and serve over ice. 
B.O.C. ( Bowl of Cereal/Breakfast of Champions)
1 Part Three Olives Loops
2 Parts Milk
Serve as a shot or build over ice.
Loopy Sour! 
1 Part Loopy Vodka
1 Part Cranberry Juice
Splash of Lime
Mix all ingredients together over ice and serve on the rocks. 

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    • Are you looking to try it or buy it? For restaurants serving it I’ve seen it advertised at Donna’s Tavern & Restaurant in Dundalk, Maryland . If you’re looking to buy it Its sold at Mills Fine Wine and Spirits in Annapolis and Mace Liquors in Essex. These are just the ones I easily was able to find but the fact they they have it means it is available to the entire state so it shouldn’t be too hard to find in any of your major package stores. ENJOY !

    • I don’t know what part of MD ur in, but if u are near the Baltimore County/Rosedale area, the Golden Ring Liquor Store just started carrying it.

    • Just had this at Tommy Joe’s in Bethesda. Everyone wanted to try it cause nobody believed me when I said it tasted like Fruit Loops!

    • Dear Desirae,
      It’s likely that you’ve already found this cheap effrontery towards the sanctity of vodka. I was also allured by the pretty colors and the sheer novelty of it. After initially spotting the bottle on my usual vodka aisle, I couldn’t help my curiosity. After looking through the “mini’s”, and not finding any sample’s, I put it off thinking next bar visit, I’ll try it in a shot. Anyway, next week I went back to same store and the 750ml was on sale for $13 and change. It should have been a signal, as it was $26 just a week prior. Anyway, I do not typically drink flavored vodkas unless at a bar- peach, rasp, lime w/ iced tea or soda, maybe an occasional “bomb” if I’m feeling stupid. This LOOPY vodka was the nastiest thing I’ve ever had. The bottle loomed around our house for more than 3 weeks. Unheard of in our world! Don’t let your curiosity or nostalgia for suagared fruity cereal get the best of you. Also, it made my throat feel like it was eroding, worse than the harshest of any liquors ever consumed . Just saying.

  1. When will this be available in Philadelphia or New Jersey? I’m looking to purchase it. Please let me know! Thank you

    • Sorry, doesn’t seem to be any information on when it will be available in either city yet. Try contacting them at or via their Facebook fanpage

    • My buddy and I were just at Samz Discount Liquors in Burlington, NJ this afternoon and he picked up a bottle of Loopy vodka for about $24.
      They are not the cheapest place but they have a large selection, including about twenty different Pinnacle flavors alone.

    • The PLCB, (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board,) started selling this in its state Wine and Spirits stores in February/March.

    • I’m in the philly burbs–the Wine and Spirits stores around us have it (I like it best with cran and ginger ale). My boyfriend and I both think it’s more like Fruity Pebbles than Fruit Loops, shrug. :) Enjoy!

      • aren’t most vodkas made of grain these days? (like your Absolut, for elxpmae) you’d actually pay a premium for a potato vodka (like Luksusowa). and yes, they do taste much better.

    • Just in today….. at all three Whitey’s locations in Lawrenceburg Indiana. We offer 15 flavors even the new Cola! $17.99 750ml. 10% mix and match discount when purchasing a case!

  2. Well we just got Loopy at Schulist Tap in Milwaukee, WI. Just opened the bottle. My thoughts are: It’s not great by itself. I mixed it w\Rumchata and likedo it alot (We do not have milk here, so I substitute). Also w/ cranberry and sprite is good. Enjoy!

    • Rumchata, we love that stuff. Good idea. No Milk in a bar though? Not much of a White Russian crowd up there?

  3. Liquor salesman brought this into the bar for a testing… Lucky me i was there… Good idea for the concept shot.. Tasted like the milk you drink after eating a bowl of fruit loops when i was a kid. Will be a good chick drink.

    Also salesman brought 1800 coconut tequila… I love tequila. Tasted really good and would be a great tequila alternative for people doing single shots of tequila for a celebratory toast.

  4. I have been looking to buy this everywhere in Chicago. Any idea what stores carry it? I have tried Binny’s and several small mom & pop liquor stores.

    • It is! We sell it at our liquor store in OKC, so if we can sell it here, Tulsa can as well! :)… and it is YUMMY!

  5. We just got a bottle at Fuzzy’s in Sun Prairie, WI $20.
    So far we have tried it with freska- yum, orange soda- a little too sweet
    and we just happened to have Rum Chata- not horrible, but
    Very vodkie. We will keep trying more concoctions!

  6. My fav Loopy recipe so far is
    1 part Loopy vodka
    1 part Creme Soda
    stir over ice
    I just love the notes of the after taste!
    New Loopy fan!

  7. Just received a glass of Loopy w/ grape Koolaid as a tip tonight at work. The grape pulled the rest of the flavors right out. Would suggest something a little more top shelf than Koolaid as a mixer, but run with the grape and see what happens.

  8. Has anyone found it anywhere in Virginia??? Three Olives is by far my favorite vodka, and this flavor sounds AMAZING!

    • It is found at any of the ABC liqour stores in Hampton roads. Not sure where in VA you are located but VA Beach to Williamsburg has it.

      • Wow so I’m reading this. Saying to my self I hope some one ask where can I find this in Va then I see this and I say watch it far away then I see williamsburg I’m super excited I haven’t tried It but sound delicious. Do u kno what store in williamsburg?

  9. A bartender suggested this for me one night with cranberry and pineapple juices. I absolutely fell in love with it! I’ve been seeing it everywhere since I tried it. By far the most original flavor I have ever heard of.

  10. Happened upon this at a bar this weekend, it is amazing! The review is spot on though, doing shots of this made for a crazy night…because you can’t stop!

  11. I am dying to try this Vodka, but cannot find in my liquor store here in Virginia. I saw a recipe for “loopy Mimosa” 2 oz. loopy vodka, 2 oz. orange juice and 2 oz. of champagne – garnish with a slice of pineapple – does anyone know when it will ever make it to Halifax, VA??

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  13. Hey all,
    Just want to mention that the alcohol store near yo most likely has loopy in stock. In various states (New Hampshire and others) Three Olives Loopy can not be put on display to be sold. Laws prohibit advertising or designing alcohol for children. As this review stated earlier, “child like font” and design prohibit the alcohol from being displayed. Ask your local alcohol store clerk, it is most likely in the back.

  14. i am sipping this as I type. It does taste like the milk at the end of a great bowl of fruitloops. Yum!

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  20. Bars in Washington state supply it but stores don’t seem to have it and I can’t locate it online! Does anyone have any tips for where to get it here?

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