Unofficial 2013 Oscars Drinking Game

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The 85th Annual Academy Awards are tonight, and no largely televised event is complete without it’s own drinking game. Our Unofficial 2013 Grammy’s drinking game was a hit early this year, as well as last fall’s 2012 Presidential Debate drinking game, so we thought it would only be right if we continued the trend with the Unofficial 2013 Oscars drinking game. Seth McFarlane is set to host, and to be honest you could build an entire game around his monologue alone. So let’s sit back, watch the show, and engage in some good old fashioned tomfoolery.

Red Carpet Pregame (Take a Sip when…)

  • Anytime the question “What/Who are you wearing” comes up.
  • Anytime the camera pans to a “Hollywood couple” (Pitt/Jolie, Garner/Affleck etc).
  • Anytime an interview gets bum-rushed by another celebrity and/or spectator.
  • Anytime someone shows up nearly naked in their outfit
  • Anytime someone shows up with their mom/dad as their date.

Actual Awards Show (Take a drink when…)

  • Anytime  time a Winner mentions they did not prepare a speech.
  • Anytime a Winner is rushed off stage by Orchestra music playing.
  • Anytime Seth McFarlane uses the “Stewie” voice.
  • Anytime Seth Mcfarlane uses ANY of his Family guy voices
  • Anytime someone mentions their mother/father in their acceptance speech
  • Anytime someone brings up politics in their speech (Guns/war/Obama/etc)
  • Anytime someone botches/misreads their lines at the podium
  • Anytime someone trips going up to the podium
  • Anytime someone exits the stage in the wrong direction

Well, we hope this doesn’t leave any of you immobile! Enjoy this years academy awards and remember among  all the uptight, stiff, and seriousness of the Academy Awards are plenty of reasons to have some fun with friends. For a few tasty cocktail recipes to use at your watch party don’t forget to check out our Red Carpet Cocktails, Academy Awards cocktails, and this weeks Cocktail of the week. Cheers!

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Alex is a full time Consultant with10+ years experience in the Wine & Spirits, Consumer Goods, and Retail industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified. When not writing for Intoxicology, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or at a local bar.

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