Jack Daniels Winter Jack Review

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Jack Daniels Winter JackJack Daniels Winter Jack Review

H ow’s Winter treating you? We’re a bit spoiled down here in Florida, but we made the trek up to DC for MLK week and got slapped in the face with 18 and 19 degree temperatures with windchill that brought it down to -2 and 0. Ouch. Took me back though to the 18 years I lived in Chicago. Thankfully some warm clothes and a warm glass of whiskey gets the job done. This week we’re opening a bottle of Jack Daniels Winter Jack, a winter seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur and Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. It comes out every October and then is usually gone by February. If you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of JD around here. Tennessee Honey is a Summer favorite and even goes great in egg nog around the holidays. Jack Fire Cinnamon Whiskey makes for a hell of a party starter (shots anyone?) and classic Jack Daniels always makes sense to keep in your liquor cabinet.

We’ve partnered up with Jack Daniels plenty in the past and they were kind enough to reach out to us for a chance to try Winter Jack. We’ve never had it, but it’s been staring us down at the liquor store for a few years now.

First Impression: Classic JD packaging with a winter makeover in the graphics department. You can’t miss it and probably shouldn’t.

Tasting Notes: Be careful, the aroma alone makes you wonder if there’s even any alcohol in there. It’s like a freshly made batch of apple cider, definitely dangerous around my household. We tried it at room temperature, and then over ice but the real winner here is when it’s served warm as the bottle suggests. Once it’s heated we REALLY got the feeling we were in a log cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a Winters night. The apple aroma is already strong but intensifies when warmed and you notice the cinnamon and orange citrus notes pretty clearly. The taste reminds me of an apple pie. Who doesn’t like apple pie? It’s just not American if you don’t. This winter seasonal is about as smooth and easy to drink as it gets and a lot of that has to do with it being much more of a liqueur with whiskey than a flavored whiskey itself. At only 15% abv (30 Proof) it’s nothing too crazy but it’s very sip-able so it can creep up on you.

Price: $16.99 [15% ABV / 30 Proof / 750 ML]

Grade: B

Final Word: So you’re either gonna love this or hate this. If you’re really into whiskey and try this one with the idea that it is one, you’ll be a bit upset. It’s definitely tasty, sweet in all the right places, and goes down easy but it’s more a 2nd cousin of whiskey, it’s a liquor with whiskey added to it. I like it, it tastes just like an adult version of apple cider and this time of year it needs to stay in stock. We’ll be picking up a couple more bottles for the season before they sell out.

For more information on Jack Daniels Winter Jack including where you can purchase a bottle, visit them at or check them out on Facebook. Interested in trying their other flavors? Check out our review of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and Jack Daniels Tennessee Firefrom last year!

Disclaimer: We received a bottle of Jack Daniels Winter Jack courtesy of the brand for this review. It does not alter out opinions of the product in any way.

Alex is a full time consultant with 10+ years experience in the wine & spirits + consumer packaged goods industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.


  1. Christopher Reply

    I found this to be a bit sweet and sickly. I’m a big cider fan and a JD fan but this just comes across as a sickly compromise

  2. A shot of Jack Daniel’s No. 7 over ice in an Old Fashioned glass, filled with Winter Jack. I call it the Winter Jackalope. Nice after dinner sipper.

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