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stonecutter spirits heritage cask whiskeyStonecutter Spirits Heritage Cask Review:

We’ve got new booze in this week and it comes courtesy of Vermont distillers, Stonecutter Spirits. So what do you get when you take a whiskey distilled like a bourbon, aged like an Irish whiskey (3 1/2 years), and finished like a Scotch in Cabernet barrels (4 months)? You get one hell of a confusing whiskey, but more importantly you get Heritage Cask Whiskey.

First Impression: If presentation is worth anything to you, you’ll like this one. A uniquely shaped massive bottle that reminds me of a decanter more than a commercial bottle design. If you’re one of those people who love to “hack” everything (like me because I’m cheap!), when you’re done with this one scrub off the labels (goo-gone is your friends!)  and you’ve got a nice whiskey decanter for your mini bar.

Tasting Notes: When I first sipped this I immediately got a very subtle taste, almost like a whiskey that had been watered down with ice already and THEN the spices kicked in. I like it, it kind of sneaks up on you with fruity and sweet notes like peach, vanilla, and cinnamon. But the real balance is in the bite of black pepper that really rounds it out for me when it hits the back of your throat. It’s complex enough so that you feel like you’re sipping something special and yet not so complex that you worry if all the flavors will go over your head. Your taste-buds can appreciate this one.

ABV: 45% [90 Proof]

Price: $60 [750 ml]

Drink Recommendations: Neat, Sazerac,

Final Word: I’m pretty particular about what whiskies I keep for myself, which ones I serve to guests/friends/family, and which ones I serve when I want to impress you. This one falls into the “impress me” group. The flavor itself I’m a fan but I’m a bigger fan of how subtly the spices kick it up in your mouth.  It’s a little on the expensive side for some, but for a good whiskey it’s well priced and would work well in any bar. Whiskey in Vermont, who knew? If you’re looking to get your hands on a bottle it’s currently available in Vermont, Massachusetts, and the NY Capital region.

heritage cask whiskey

For more information on Stone Cutter Spirits Heritage Cask Whiskey including recipes and where to purchase, visit them at www.stonecutterspirits.com



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