Meet The Team


Alex: Co-Founder

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Spirit: Gin
Favorite Drink: Caipirinha

Alex is the Founder, content creator, and (sometimes) photographer for Intoxicology. Alex is not a professional bartender however he is BarSmarts certified and has been fortunate enough to build an impressive home bar. In addition to his duties at Intoxicology, he can be found writing at and also is a regular contributor at through their Drinkwire program. Alex has a background in marketing and finance and by day works as a consultant. When not writing for Intoxicology, you can find him bar hopping, traveling overseas or spending time with his family.


Lori: Co-Founder

Hometown: Boston, Massachusettes
Favorite Spirit: Canadian Whiskey
Favorite Drink: Washington Apple

Lori is the editor and co-founder of Intoxicology. In addition, she serves as an official taste tester and contributor to many of the reviews written. Lori has a background and education in culinary arts and finance with a specialization in investments. When not contributing at Intoxicology, Lori can be found in the kitchen testing out culinary treats which sometimes crosses over into mixology with alcohol infused baked goods.


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