Coming Soon: Nuvo Red Velvet and Peach Cobbler

With flavored spirit releases in the last two years such as Whipped Cream, Froot Loop, Birthday Cake, and Pumpkin Pie, I believe the level of shock value has been depreciated. For the most part, it shouldn’t be too shocking anymore to find your favorite dessert, child hood candy, breakfast meal, or other products we love suddenly bottled in liquid form and sold over the counter at your favorite liquor store. If you dream it, they can achieve it. Only now, it’s less about “I can’t believe they made that” now, and more about “does it actually taste good”. And so here we are again bringing you the latest on two new products hitting the market, this time from popular night life liqueur, NUVO Sparkling Vodka.

For those unfamiliar, NUVO was (and possibly still is) the worlds first sparkling vodka. It hit the scene a few years ago, and with the help of the urban night life it’s become a huge success:

“NUVO© Sparkling Liqueur is a lifestyle choice for trendy individuals. Much more than your average spirit, NUVO is the ultimate accessory for any get-together. Made with premium French vodka and a touch of delicate sparkling white wine and infused with passion fruit nectar, NUVO will dazzle your taste buds and delight your palette.”

Nuvo originally launched it’s second product, Lemon Sorbet a couple years ago and and now they’re looking to continue their “dessert” themed additions. They recently launched NUVO Red Velvet Cake, and NUVO Peach Cobbler, sparkling liqueurs inspired by the popular desserts of the same name. Here are the tasting notes from NUVO

“Indulge in this truly decadent cocktail. Taste the soft sponge cake and the sweetness from the luxuriously creamy cheesecake frosting. Finishing with a hint of chocolate. These mouth-watering flavors will have you coming back for more.”

“Absolutely Delicious! Enjoy the fresh taste of Georgia Peaches and finally savor in the simple pleasure of cinnamon crumble. What’s not to Love!”

Maybe i’m just fat, but those small descriptions have my mouth watering already. And with the Holidays around the corner, what a great time to launch these perfectly themed spirits. We have yet to receive our samples, but be on the look out for out Nuvo Red Velvet and Peach Cobbler Review.  These flavors aren’t yet available everywhere, so be on the lookout at your local package store and keep bugging them about it till it comes in. Until then you know we’ll be brainstorming ideas and coming up with our own recipes, but check out these simple ones provided courtesy of Nuvo.















Photos courtesy of Nuvo Sparkling Vodka. Please Drink Responsibly.

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