Ever wonder what all those gadgets behind the bar are for? Trust me, each one was invented for a reason.

Barspoon and teaspoon are primary used for measurement of cocktail ingredients. Most barspoons have twisted handle.
Blenders have multiple ways to use: not only for making cocktails, but also cooking or crashing ice cubes.
Boston Shaker:
Boston Shaker has two parts: one is stainless steel and the other is glass. Boston shaker and regular cocktail shaker are the classic cocktails that are usually used in bars.
Can Opener:
When opening can fruits, can opener becomes handy.
Champagne Stopper:
You will see the bottle stoppers on the top of liquor bottles in most of the bars around the nation. It helps bartender to avoid over pouring the liquor and spilling.
Citrus Reamer/Juicer:
Citrus Reamer/Juicer helps create fresh cocktails with fruits juice. There are many kinds of citrus reamers in the market.
Corkscrews are often used to open a wine bottle. Market provides numbers of types.
Ice Bucket and Tongs:
Ice Bucket is useful if you don’t have a large kitchen where you can store the ice. Use tongs to pick ice cubes from a bucket.
Jigger is one of the measurement tools. For more information, go to measurement page.
Knife is one of the essential tools in a bar because numbers of cocktails are served with fruits (garnish). When you use blender to make a drink, you may also need knife to cut ingredients before putting them into a blender.
Liquid Measuring Cup:
Liquid Measuring cup is usually a glass cup with measurement on the side.
Tablespoon is used to measure ingredients. Cocktail uses tablespoon for small amount of liquid or powdered ingredients for cocktail recipes.
Mixing Glass:
Mixing glass is useful for stirring cocktails that are served with ice. A parts of Boston Shaker could do the same task for stirring cocktails with ice.
Muddler/Swizzle Stick:
Some cocktail requires grinding ingredients by using Muddler.
Pitcher Glass:
To keep fruit juice, beer, and other liquors, pitcher glass is one of the way to serve more than one person in a same table.
One of the most important bar equipment. Today’s market provides many types of shakers from classic style to modern style. Most important part of a shaker is body part (tumbler) where you store the cocktail ingredients. You don’t want to buy small shaker when you have big family or clients. Cocktail recommend classic metal shaker or so- called Boston Shaker because it helps chilling faster. Most classic type of shakers has three parts: tumbler, snug fitting lid and a cap on the top.

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