Trying New Wines for the Holidays

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medium_4718282168A lot of times when you like something, you really like it. You indulge in it often and to no end, almost to the point you get tired of it. Like in the AT&T commercial with the little kids and the girl says, “We want more. We want more. Like you really like it and you want more.” Well, you’ve had more of the same wine, so now what? You try something new of course! Here are a couple of wines to get you out of your current wine rut and into something new.

  • If you’re drinking Riesling – try Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is an extremely versatile white wine and it comes in everything style from dry to sweet, still to sparkling. Aromas of peach and honeysuckle lead into flavors of honey and candied stone fruit. A moderate acidity makes this a very food-friendly wine.

  • If you’re drinking Chardonnay – try Viognier

Same full-body of a Chardonnay but more distinct and lush fruit flavors. If you need a little oak, that can be found in Viognier as well.

  • If you’re drinking Merlot – try Carmenere

Carmenere was actually thought to be Merlot until DNA testing proved is was an entirely different grape. It’s late-ripening therefore causing the resulting wine to be dark in color. Jammy flavors with hints of green pepper and spice on the palate.

  • If you’re drinking Shiraz – try Petit Sirah

Spicy and plummy in flavor, Petit Sirah is sort of a 2nd cousin to Shiraz. Black fruit, blueberries on the palate, with less tannins than a Shiraz. Similar spicy finish. Perfect red wine for these cold winter nights.

Now how’s that for trying something new! Thinking of trying any of these? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear the amazing new wine that you have now fallen in love with!

Photo Source: monojussi via photopin cc

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