24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

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Drink-awards-2In case you didn’t notice, we’re not the biggest beer fans in the world. Not sure about Lori’s story, but at least on my end my dislike for beer started at an early age when I tried on some on accident. I hated the taste then, and it’s stuck around till now. Can you believe I actually worked in sales for a beer company for years? I actually tried my best to like it. Tried all our free samples, all sorts of varieties, and still nothing. The Craft Beer movement interests me, mostly because it has a lot of similarities in the Craft cocktail craze. But, just because I don’t like beer doesn’t mean I dont like learning new things about it. We were surfing the web and came across this cool infographic with 24 facts about beer you may or may not have known. Check it out.


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