6 Whiskeys to Try At least once in a Lifetime

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6 Whiskeys to Try At least once in a Lifetime

Whiskey is one of those drinks that continue to rule the world with its distinct scent and bold flavors. It is the reason why some people can’t go a day without having a glass of this sweet distillate. The idea of aging it in wooden oak casks is what sets it apart and gives it a distinct aroma. Currently, there are more than 100 brands of whiskeys available around the world. That makes it hard to know which bottle is going to give you the fantastic feeling you are seeking.

Different bottles of whiskeys have different notes and undertones. They also have distinct palates ranging from caramel to vanilla. You should thus not assume that every whiskey savors the same. Reasons that make each whiskey have unique characteristics include the barrel type, the weather of the location, and the type of distillation used. The number of staves making up a barrel also plays a significant role as well as the formula used. That means some whiskeys are excellent all-round. These are the types of whiskeys that you should try at least once in a lifetime. Some of these whiskeys include:

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Blue Johnnie Walker

The blue Johnnie Walker is an adorable bottle of whiskey that is popular for its smooth finish. It also has a mellow aroma that brings out its fruity notes. It then finishes off with scents of dry wood and smoke. If you are sharp enough, you will feel scents of tobacco and honey, as well as a variety of spices, which makes it an exceptional whiskey.

The Scottish whiskey ranks high due to its distinct features. It has 40% alcoholic content, which is too little compared to that of grain alcohol. On the tongue, you can feel the balance of flavors, which include hazelnuts, smoky, ginger, and some hint of dark chocolate. Whiskey lovers will tell you that its mouthfeel is full, soft, and round. It exhibits some warmth as well as a long and layered finish.

17 years old Highland Park

Highland Park is an excellent example of all-rounder whiskey. The light gold color is a result of sherry oak casks that hold the liquor till its maturity. The whiskey is too smooth with some depth that makes it popular among Whiskey aficionados. Its aroma is delightful. As soon as you open the bottle, the first scent that will hit your nose is that of vanilla followed by a citrus fragrance.

The whiskey exhibits a sweet taste on the tongue. The dominant flavors include vanilla, citrus, pear, and honey. There is also the oak and smoky finish, which gives it a great taste. You will feel a tinge of spiciness, making it one of the whiskeys you should try once in a lifetime. What will impress you more is its long and warm finish.

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25 years old Macallan Sherry Oak

A single bottle of Macallan sherry oak whiskey is enough to make you have incredible whiskey moments. The liquor has an alcoholic level of 43% and a fantastic gold color. It has rich flavors and intense aromas thanks to the 25 years of maturation. On the tongue, the whiskey unleashes intense flavors of vanilla, peat, coconut, and lemon. You can also feel flavors of wood spice and peach with a mild taste of Sultana.

It also has excellent scents, which include peach, dried fruit, and wood smoke. It is full-bodied, and so you should expect some kick on the tongue. The smoothness of the drink is what makes it a great choice. It’s one of the best liquors for whiskey lovers who want something spicy and sweet to enjoy.


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30-year-old Ballantine’s

The 30-year-old Ballantine’s is a whiskey blend that is mature enough to give you an excellent taste. The liquor is special with complex flavors and a smooth feel. The bottle alone exhibits craftsmanship, and the scent makes it intriguing for any whiskey enthusiast. The excellent characteristics are due to the flawless combination of grain whiskeys and aged malt.

On the tongue, the 30-year-old Ballantine produces vanilla, zest, nectarine, orange, and honey flavors. It also has a fantastic sweet palate. The liquor gives out floral scents with soft vanilla and oak notes. It produces a long-lasting finish leaving you with a fully coated mouth.

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18-year-old Chivas Regal

The first admirable feature about the 18-year-old Chivas Regal is its amber color, which is due to the red wheat used in its blend. The liquor comes with a 40% alcohol content that will give you enough time to feel the undertones before getting tipsy. The liquor breathes out an apple, sweet citrus and a tinge of oak aromas on the nose.

The taste is more formidable, but with patience and keenness, you can feel the caramel, burnt orange, and peat flavors. You can also taste the subtle spicy and smoky finish. It is a bold drink that you can enjoy with grilled beef.


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Talisker Neist Point

Talisker Neist Point is one of those golden amber whiskeys that have a fantastic feel and delicious flavor. What makes it a great whiskey is the rich flavor it exhibits. Some of the palates it delivers in your mouth include intense notes of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, and some sweetness. You can also feel some tinge of sea salt, but that requires absolute concentration. The flavor then finishes off with long smoky, and sweet taste.

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The aroma of the liquor is terrific. It unveils intense scents of vanilla and caramel. It also exhibits scents of smokiness due to the rare casks used for maturation.

The list above contains bottles of carefully chosen whiskeys that you should try at least once in a lifetime. Each blend undergoes perfect distillation to deliver remarkable tastes, feel, and aromas. The years of maturation and exceptional casks used are what makes the above liquors unique and appealing to consume.





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