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Welcome to Intoxicology, the lovechild of a husband and wife team that have been passionate about the spirits industry and it’s culture for over a decade. No we aren’t bartenders, but we do know a little something about mixing up a good drink.  I (Alex) am a business consultant with a background in wine & spirits, consumer packaged goods, and retail. My  better half, Lori, works in the financial investments industry for a pretty cool startup and has a background in both finance and culinary.  We created Intoxicology, or at least it’s first iteration of it back in 2012, as just a hobby. We noticed a lack of online sources for easy to understand product reviews and news on brands & recipes geared towards the average social drinker so we decided to bridge that gap. What started as just a few reviews of my favorite drinks has now grown to product & recipe reviews, recipe creation, brand partnerships, event coverage and more. We cover all things cocktail and cocktail culture!

Intoxicology is one couples mission to experience, share and inspire all things great about spirits through recipes, reviews, news, and event coverage.

Our site’s goal is to taste, sip, mix, and try everything so that we can share and inspire with consumers to explore these products and recipes on their own. Marketing is tricky, and there are a lot of misleading ads, over complicated tasting notes, and crowded shelves at the liquor store so we’re doing the dirty work for you. Whether you’re a novice to mixology or a professional drinker, our goal is to provide you with unique drinking related content from around the world. What does that taste like? Which one of these should I buy? What goes into that drink I order at the bar? What’s a good festive drink for my Christmas party? What new products are out? These are just some of the questions you’ll find the answers to here. Don’t be intimidated by all the choices out there. Let us break it down, show you what’s what, and make your night a little bit simpler. We don’t discriminate based on age, color, or proof and we believe there is a time and a place for EVERY spirit. So if you’re into Bourbon, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whisk(e)y, or anything in between, you’re in the right place.




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