Top 5 Drinks To Pair With Cigars

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 Cigars and drinks are known as perfect buddies in terms of taste. Paired correctly, they can provide you an amazing taste experience. There are countless possibilities out there and in order to find which is the best for you we chose 5 of the best drinks to pair with cigars in order to guide you on this delicious and exquisite road.

  1. Whiskey

Notorious for the bitter twist, this drink works perfectly with basically any type of cigar. The fame of this pair started long before it first appeared in movies and many experts believe that this is one of the best pairs. In terms of the type of drink, a young whiskey best works with light or light to medium-bodied cigar like a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2. An aged whiskey or even an aromatic one is best combined with a cigar that is full of personality and taste like a Maduro or a full-bodied.

Another important aspect is how whiskey is served. Many experts advise serving this drink at the room temperature or just a little bit cold. A large block of ice will modify the taste of the drink and will prevent you from fully enjoying the aroma of this pair.

Top 5 Drinks to Pair with Cigars


  1. Beer

      There are few experiences that can match the aroma given by a fresh beer and a good puff. Beer is such a great match for the cigars thanks to the large variety of tastes. Based on the color of the beer and the cigar, there are countless delicious combinations that can be formed.

Light-bodied cigars have a sand-like color themselves and they should be paired with a pilsner or a light beer. As the color of the cigar goes darker, so should your beer. The strongest cigars usually had a longer aging time and they display a darker wrapper. A strong lager or a dark beer can be excellent for this particular type of cigars. There are countless cigars that can be combined with the aroma of beer and one of the best is Cohiba Behike 56 thanks to the complex taste. 

  1. Wine

One of the oldest and most elegant drinks in the world, wine is one of the best choices for the cigars. This is mainly because it comes in all sorts of tasted and variations. White wine usually has a fresh and crisp taste that goes perfectly with a light-bodied cigar while red wine can be the perfect match for a medium cigar or even for a full-bodied one.

Just like for the whiskey, the age of the wine is very important in the pairing. A young wine has an acid undertone that matches the acid aroma of a light or light to medium-bodied cigar while the older wines have a more concentrated aroma that works very well with stronger cigars.

top 5 drinks to pair with cigars


  1. Tequila

Even it may not be one of the first drinks that comes into your mind, tequila is an excellent choice for a cigar. The drink has a great variety of taste based on the age and production process and this is why it is such a great choice. Light-colored tequila had a short aging time and has a crisp and playful aroma that works with light or light to medium-bodied cigars.

The golden tequila is excellent for the stronger cigars because it has a more powerful aroma that will complement the taste of the cigar without being overwhelming. In terms of serving, the drink should be enjoyed at the room temperature in order to fully enjoy the aroma of both the cigar and the tequila.

  1. Rum

     This drink is simply amazing for cigars because it has a very playful taste. Rum usually displays a sweet and smoky aroma that is excellent for any type of cigar, no matter the strength. Just like the other drinks, it should be served at the room temperature and with no ice in order to fully enjoy the aroma. The cigars that work the best with rum are the ones that have a playful taste and bursts of aroma that will dance perfectly with the ones from the drink, giving you an amazing taste experience.

Top 5 Drinks to Pair with Cigars


So hopefully the  next time you’re in search of the perfect match for your cigar of choice, you’ll consider one of these options.




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