Coming Soon: Crown Royal Releases New XR Edition

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…..(Courtesy of – Inspired by a desire to provide whisky lovers with the perfect blend to celebrate life’s special moments responsibly, Crown Royal® today announced the second installment in the brand’s Extra Rare Whisky Series.  The latest Crown Royal XR® blend includes select remaining whiskies from the renowned LaSalle Distillery in Quebec, Canada to create an unparalleled experience in luxury whisky.

Crown Royal XR, including whiskies from the famous LaSalle Distillery, marks the second Extra Rare whisky for the brand after releasing the original, crafted from the Waterloo Distillery whiskies, in 2006. As part of this on-going Series, each Crown Royal XR blend will be created including a batch of rare whiskies and distributed for a limited time.

Handcrafted by Crown Royal Master Blender Andrew MacKay, the new XR installment provides an extremely sophisticated tasting experience while maintaining the smooth undertones Crown Royal adorers have come to expect. Crown Royal XR is topaz and amber in appearance, with elegant aromas of aged oak, caramel and vanilla. The 80 proof (40% ABV) whisky’s taste is a sophisticated blend of dried fruits and honey in a harmonious balance with the spicy notes of Canadian rye.

For MacKay, the new installment of XR marks a personal legacy. The LaSalle Distillery, which opened in 1924, is where he began his career as an apprentice and refined his passion for blending whisky before ultimately taking on the title of Crown Royal Master Blender.

“LaSalle holds a historic place in the whisky world and is incredibly special to me, because it’s where I first learned about creating memorable blends,” said MacKay. “To be able to incorporate these Extra Rare LaSalle whiskies into the new Crown Royal XR is an honor and I hope loyal adult Crown Royal drinkers enjoy it responsibly – whether toasting to a monumental anniversary or simply gathering with friends and family on the weekend.”

LaSalle is also significant to Crown Royal, as it was the first distillery opened by the Bronfman family, a legendary name within the spirits industry. The Bronfmans were responsible for the creation of the original Crown Royal in 1939 to commemorate King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada.

Crown Royal XR will be available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $129.99 for a 750 ml bottle beginning in early June. As with the inaugural installment in the Extra Rare Whisky Series, the new Crown Royal XR will be available for a limited time.

“Crown Royal is thrilled to expand our whisky portfolio with the introduction of a new Crown Royal XR,” said Yvonne Briese, Vice President of Whiskey, Diageo North America. “We’re proud our consumers continue to include Crown Royal XR in some of life’s most important moments and look forward to building upon that legacy for years to come.”

The Crown Royal XR packaging carries through the luxurious presentation established with the first installment in the Extra Rare Whisky Series. The unique bottle shape, deluxe glass stopper and iconic velvet bag will remain the same in shape and design, but will reflect a royal blue color to echo the regal nature of the product.

The launch of Crown Royal XR will be supported through print and online advertising, as well as public relations, point of sale materials and a strong digital strategy.

The Extra Rare whisky is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, in order to allow the full flavor profile to emerge. When enjoying Crown Royal XR, please remember to always drink responsibly.

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  1. Debra Taylor Reply

    I’m wondering if you know when this new blend of xr is going to be available for purchase and where. Even the customer service for crown royal couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me. I even called abc lieu or stores and they didn’t even have in their store for special order yet. Hoping you have an inside source with this

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