Is Pabst Blue Ribbon Making Whiskey Now?

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Hold my beer… It looks like PBR is getting into the whiskey business and we are all probably scratching our head at this one. More likely than not, at some point in our lives we’ve all had a run in with a can of PBR.  While I don’t drink beer much (or at all) these days, I can remember the times of being a poor college kid where PBR was my savior.

So far, Pabst hasn’t released a whole lot of details but we do know they’re looking to launch this Summer in conjunction with New Holland Brewing and that the label submitted for approval notes that it’ll be 80 proof and “aged 5 seconds”. Who knows what that means but I’m kind of interested to find out. With PBR’s image of dirt cheap beer I can imagine this whiskey will do well if priced similarly, in the dive bar category.  As more information gets released we’ll be sure to update you both on where you can find it and when.



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