Three Olives Jacked Apple Vodka Review

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Lighting never strikes twice, but don’t tell that to Three Olives Vodka. Back in 2011 they released Three Olives Loopy, a vodka that tasted JUST like fruit loops cereal (or froot loops if you prefer), and it was instantly one of the most talked about flavored vodkas on the market. It wasn’t their first crazy flavor, and it wouldn’t be their last, but none had the effect of Loopy. Fast forward to 2014 and they’re hoping to repeat that success with Three Olives Jacked Apple, an apple cinnamon flavored vodka that shares likeness to the logo of AppleJacks cereal. It’s a smart strategy and a well timed release. Hard apple cider sales are through the roof right now, apple whiskeys are becoming more popular, and cinnamon flavored whiskeys are popping up everywhere. So it makes perfect sense to release a combination of the two. The only question is, is it simply “inspired” by the cereal or a complete copycat flavor.

First Impression: First thing that sticks out is the labe. It’s no coincidence it has the same red and green colors as AppleJacks, and even has a cinnamon stick sticking out of it, similar to the one on the box. It’s definitely catches the eye and surprisingly alludes any trademark infringement. It’s Ok, go ahead and call it AppleJacks Vodka.

Aroma: It smells FANTASTIC. I poured a shot right next to a bowl of cereal and there was no comparison. Apple jacks is very cinnamon forward, sugary, and with a hint of apple lingering, while Jacked Apple has strong notes of crisp red apple, with cinnamon spice underneath. I’m not complaining.

Tasting Notes: Like each of Three Olives 24 flavors, it’s quadruple distilled with English winter wheat. I won’t pretend to be a wheat expert, I don’t even know how winter wheat differs, but I do know vodka brands hype distillation times as a proof of how smooth it must be. Sometimes it’s a load of crap, but in this case it works, I poured it straight over ice and really enjoyed it. It’s definitely smooth, but what surprised me is the way the cinnamon and apple blended so well that it almost feels as if you’re drinking a mixed drink on it’s own. I mixed this in several cocktails, fruity and carbonated and it really didn’t matter. 

Jacked Apple Vodka
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Price: $17.99

Proof: 70 [35% abv]

Overall: We don’t do “grades” here anymore, but if we did this one would be high. I would describe this as an “Apple Jacks Inspired vodka because It’s a great blend of two flavors that are really hot right now, but if you were expecting to swap this with your breakfast cereal you might be a little disappointed. I actually loved it, because Three Olives Loopy was a bit of a one trick pony and at the end, it’s flavor profile is a little too specific to really be a everyday liquor. With Jacked Apple, it’s much more versatile. Drink it straight, replace it in your favorite drink, or create a new one, either way it works. At the very least, you bring this to a party and it’ll be a great conversation piece. 


Special thanks to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits for helping me locate a bottle of Three Olives Jacked Apple for our review through their online ordering service. For more information on Three Olives visit their website at To read our review on Three Olives Loopy Vodka, click here.

Alex is a full time consultant with 10+ years experience in the wine & spirits + consumer packaged goods industries. He is not a professional bartender, but is BarSmarts certified and makes a mean caipirinha. When not writing, Alex can be found traveling, spending time with his family, or bar hopping.


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